Estonia company registration



  • Virtual office (legal address + mail delivery) for 1 year ā€“ 200 EUR
    To register a company in Estonia, you must have a legal address, so that if necessary, government agencies can send letters of request to this address. When ordering this service, all incoming mail will be translated into Russian and forwarded to the customer’s e-mail address. The main difference between a legal address and a physical one is that the legal address is only the company’s registered address and mailbox. If the company needs a physical/real office with further receipt of invoices in the name of the company, the employees of Company in Estonia OƜ will be happy to help.
  • Contact person for 1 year ā€“ 200 EUR
    Beginning from 15.01.2018, in accordance with the Commercial Code of the Republic of Estonia, all companies that do not have residents of the Republic of Estonia among the board members are required to appoint a contact person. The contact person can only be a Notary Office, a Law Office, a Certified Audit Office or a company that has the necessary licence to provide contact person services. The contact person is responsible for accepting procedural and other documents from the administrative bodies of the Republic of Estonia, as well as for sending these documents to the addressee.
  • Sworn translation/apostilization of documents of an Estonian company ā€“ 250 EUR
    Apostille and certified translation of company documents includes a number of strictly defined formal procedures for endowing a document with legal force in the territory of another state. The main rule of legalisation is that the procedure of legalisation itself is carried out exclusively in the territory of the state where the document was issued or made legal and performed by its sworn translator.
  • Advice for start-ups in Estonia ā€“ from 100 EUR
    If you are not sure which form of incorporation is appropriate for your company to start business in Estonia, contact us to get advice. We will take into consideration all the aspects: suitable start-up options; company structure, obligations, deadlines; Estonian taxes and laws.
  • International tax advice ā€“ from 100 EUR
    Advice is provided in order to give an overview of taxation in case of international transactions arising in the course of operation of your Estonian company. The exact scope and cost of advice depends on your questions.
  • Legal advice ā€“ from 100 EUR
    Our lawyers can advise you on various legal issues. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to help you.
  • Secretary services ā€“ 50 EUR per month
    Break free of routine daily tasks and focus on your business. These services are good for companies with no regular secretary and for those who need assistants every so often.
  • Winding up an Estonian company ā€“ from 250 EUR
    Winding up businesses is a legal process resulting in the complete termination of the financial and economic activities of a company. Our company will help you go through the winding-up process as soon as possible in full compliance with legal requirements.


  • What are the advantages of establishing a company in Estonia?
  • How much does it cost to register a company in Estonia?
    the cost of a company registration depends on the type of incorporation. See Prices for detailed information.
  • How long does it take to register a company?
    the company will be registered during 5 business days after signing the company registration application.
  • What activities can an Estonian company carry on?
    an Estonian company is allowed to carry on any authorized activity. A company can perform several different types of activities at the same time.
  • Can a foreigner be the owner and director of an Estonian company?
    yes, a foreigner can be the owner and director of an Estonian company.
  • How many owners and directors should an Estonian company have?
    at least one owner from among board members.
  • What is the minimum share capital of an Estonian company?
    the minimum share capital is 2,500 EUR, which can be contributed within 10 years. In Estonia, a company can be established without making a share capital contribution.
  • Is it possible to get a VAT number for an Estonian company?
    yes, a VAT number can be obtained before the company starts to operate.
  • How to open a bank account for an Estonian company?
    after the company is established, all Company in Estonia OƜ customers get assistance and detailed information, free of charge, on how to open an account. See Open a bank account in estonia
  • Should an Estonian company have employees?
    an Estonian company may have no employees.
  • What are annual costs for maintaining a company in Estonia?
    as prescribed by law, an Estonian company owned by a foreigner shall have a contact person (200 EUR/year) and a legal address in Estonia (200 EUR/year).
  • What taxes are charged when doing business on behalf of an Estonian company?
    in Estonia, there is no income or turnover tax, and therefore there is no pre-distribution tax. Salaries of non-residents of Estonia living outside the country are subject to a 20% income tax. Dividends are taxed at 25%. Read more Taxes levied upon estonian companies
  • Can I apply for the Estonian Schengen Visa?
    • upon setting up a company in Estonia, you have every reason to apply for a visa to visit Estonia. We will help prepare an invitation for all company-related persons.
    • a visa application shall be submitted personally at an Estonian representation office ( or at an office of a Schengen country representing Estonia (