Accounting Services for non-VAT-Registered Companies in Estonia

All companies registered and having economic activity in Estonia are subject to accounting. Accounting for each company must comply with government-set standards for the results to be comparable and understandable. Therefore, you should familiarise yourself with bookkeeping requirements regulated by the Estonian government.

It is essential to clarify that depending on turnover and policy, some companies register VAT while others do not. Hence, there are two different paths to follow depending on the company’s VAT status.

Companies with no monthly payments, purchases, invoices and VAT number can do accounts once a year before submitting an annual report. In that way, we deal with yearly based accounting.

In this regard, it is significant to consider that companies with no VAT must still collect all source documents and put them in order before submitting an annual report at the end of the year.

The cost of service depends on the number of source documents to be processed, the number of employees, and the number of loan and leasing agreements. The cost of complete accounting service includes the provision of advice on Estonian tax law + tax optimisation advice.

In order to file returns on time, all documents must be sent to your accountant according to the agreement. Delayed returns will result in penalties charged by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Documents that have not been submitted and/or adequately formatted will lead to their declaration and an additional tax burden for the company.

Monthly fee for non-VAT-registered companies:

up to 15 documents per month
90 EUR
from 16 documents per month
on an individual basis