Legal Documents

The legal department of LKS Consult OÜ can develop a package of documents within the framework of Estonian legislation according to the needs and specifics of your business.

The contents of the documents affect how your company will be managed, how its profits will be distributed, what rights the owners of the company share have, how decisions will be made in the company. The rights and obligations of clients and partners of your company are clearly defined in the documents.

The lawyers of our company will analyse the planned legal relations, consult and choose the optimal solution. If necessary, we can also adjust existing documents and implement amending in the Estonian Business Register.

The content of company documents is crucial in the following cases:

  • Complex relationships between company members
  • Complex corporate control structure
  • Many founders
  • Attracting investors
  • In the case of an option

In addition to the standard documents necessary for establishing a legal entity in Estonia, the lawyers of our company can prepare the contracts and agreements needed for the start of a project, which requires special conditions for the distribution of profits or for attracting investments. Among other things, we can draw up and develop the following documents:

  • Drafting company internal rules
  • Drafting of company regulations
  • Development of individual company charter
  • Drafting of the decision of the owners of the company
  • Drawing up a contract for the sale of the company
  • Drafting of proxy texts
  • Development of a non-disclosure agreement
  • Development of site conditions
  • Development of an investment promotion agreement
  • Development of an agreement on the transfer of intellectual property to a company
  • Development of option contracts and agreements
  • Legal opinion
  • Legal analysis of documents for compliance with Estonian legislation

The cost of legal services for the development and preparation of corporate documents is estimated at 150 EUR. The exact cost of developing documents is determined by the lawyer after analysis of your request and is indicated in the commercial offer. The deadline for completion of work on preparation and development of corporate documents is from 3 working days. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, the duration of the work may be extended.

Legal documents preparation from 150 EUR/hour


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