Flexible Structure of Payment for Legal Services

LKS Consult OÜ  offers various transparent payment options for legal services in accordance with the needs of the client’s companies. Based on many years of experience and participation in more than 1000 different legal projects, this opportunity allows clients to order the services of our company in accordance with their budget. Our goal is to agree on a payment structure for legal services that will best meet the interests of our clients at the very start of the project. The structure and amount of payment for LKS Consult OÜ services depends on the work performed, the volume, frequency of work and the complexity of the legal issue under consideration. The remuneration structure will be agreed with each client individually in advance and will be specified in the contract concluded between the two parties. We offer all our clients three payment options for legal services: fixed, hourly and advance payments (deposit). All proposed payment structures and their compliance with your legal problem will be discussed with you at the first free consultation and, after their approval, will be specified in the contract. The goal of our company is to be as transparent as possible regarding the payment of legal services with our clients and to avoid misunderstandings or discrepancies in payment issues.

Our payment structures

Fixed fee for legal services

LKS Consult OÜ  can offer a fixed fee for a number of the following services:
  • Establishment of a company
  • Legal address service
  • Contact person service
  • Representation by proxy
  • Preparation of the company’s documents package
  • Monthly accounting support
  • Submission of the annual report
All of the above legal and accounting services with a fixed cost are paid before the start of work. The main advantage of a fixed payment is that it cannot be changed in the future, and you will know exactly what the agreed fee covers and what our company’s obligations to the customer of services are.

Hourly rate of payment for legal services

The hourly rate of payment for legal services is a traditional method of paying for legal services, in which a lawyer keeps records of the time spent on studying the client’s request and providing the ordered legal service. All these legal projects are individual and are paid according to the amount of time spent on their implementation. The rate of our company when participating in such projects is 150 euros + VAT per hour. Invoices for this type of legal services are agreed with the client and issued in stages to help clients make a budget for the implementation of their project and avoid large bills and misunderstandings in payment issues at the end of the project.

Advance/deposit payment system for legal services

Advance/deposit payment is a payment that the client makes to the bank account of our company for the provision of legal services after the agreement and signing of the contract between the two parties. The chief accountant of our company places this prepayment on a trust account and, fulfilling a legal order on behalf of the client, we withdraw funds from this trust account as payment for the work performed based on the time spent on the implementation of the client’s project. If, after completing the order, unused funds remain on the trust account, they can be used to order other services of LKS Consult OÜ . We always strive to provide high quality customer service and legal services in all areas of our practice. Our lawyers strive for excellence in all areas of the services offered. All employees of LKS Consult OÜ strive to benefit the clients of our company and are ready to discuss each project on an individual basis.