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If you have a complaint about the services provided by Company in Estonia OÜ, you can fill out the complaint form provided below. In the description of the complaint, please describe the essence of the issue in detail, and indicate the clauses of the contract that were breached. Also, attach additional documents to the complaint such as scans of contracts, screenshots of correspondence and other documents as proof of breach of the contract concluded between the customer and Company in Estonia OÜ.

You must also submit a summary of all the above. It must contain your requests, and the due dates for their implementation.

Company in Estonia OÜ will consider your complaint no later than in three business days.

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    Customer’s right to go to court to resolve disputes

    Our company always strives to provide high-quality customer service and legal and accounting services in all areas of our practice. All disputes and disagreements that may arise during the execution of the contract between the customer and Company in Estonia OÜ will be resolved through negotiations between the parties where possible. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, the parties, after following the procedure prescribed by law for judicial resolution of disputes, may submit the dispute for consideration to the Harju County Court.

    The right of Company in Estonia OÜ to go to court to resolve disputes

    The customers of Company in Estonia OÜ and the company itself may turn to the Harju County Court in case of disclosure of confidential information, as well as in case of causing financial, reputational and moral damage. In addition, an appeal may be filed to the court if the customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract. In case of disputes, the lawyers of Company in Estonia OÜ will try to resolve them out of court, but if a compromise cannot be found, the dispute will be resolved in the Harju County Court. Company in Estonia OÜ values its customers, partners, employees and the company’s impeccable reputation and in case of violation of the procedures/terms and conditions of cooperation and in case of causing harm, Company in Estonia OÜ has all the rights to hold liable the party that does not fulfil its obligations and violates cooperation terms and conditions.

    Procedural costs

    Each legal process taking place in Estonia incurs certain costs. In civil and administrative cases, the procedural costs are the state fee and the security deposit, the costs associated with providing of proof (for example, the cost of summoning witnesses and involving experts), as well as the costs of the participants in the proceeding and their representatives (for example, the costs of providing legal assistance, transportation costs, etc.) Procedural costs incurred in the course of court proceedings shall be borne by the participant in the proceeding on whose initiative the procedural action is taken. Thus, the plaintiff or complainant is obliged to pay a state fee when filing a claim or complaint. The costs of calling a witness or involving experts must be paid in advance by the participant in the proceeding that wishes to call a witness or involve an expert. Also, a participant in the proceeding is obliged to independently pay for the services of his representative (lawyer).

    At the end of the court proceedings, the participant in the proceeding that lost the court case shall be obliged to reimburse costs incurred in the course of the court by the counterparty and third parties involved in the proceeding. Thus, in a civil case, if the court dismisses the claim, the plaintiff is usually obliged to reimburse the defendant for the costs incurred by the latter in connection with the proceeding. If the claim is satisfied, the plaintiff’s costs shall be reimbursed by the defendant. If the losing party fails to pay court costs on time, penalties and interest may also be charged on the amount of court expenses. If a compromise is reached, the costs are usually distributed by agreement of the parties.

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