Ready made/shelf companies in Estonia

Company name Registration date Certificate of incorporation Turnover Price
German Crypto Exchange OÜ 02.11.2018 show no turnover for past 3 years 1500 eur
Human Software OÜ 16.01.2018 show turnover for past 3 years - more than 45 000 EUR 2000 eur
Quadro Design Aknad OÜ 03.09.2015 show turnover for past 3 years - more than 55 000 EUR 2500 eur
Future International Services OÜ 7.07.2020 show company share capital is 12 500 EUR 3500 eur
Company in Estonia Finance OÜ 22.11.2017 show turnover for past 3 years - more than 247 000 EUR 5000 eur

Ready made company transfer to new owner by POA/proxy will cost additionally – 500 EUR

Price includes:

  • legal address for 1 year
  • contact person services for 1 year
  • notary fee
  • state fee


  • it is possible to change company name
  • companies doesn’t have any debt
  • all companies filed annual report for previous year

To buy ready made company in Estonia, you have to send the information about the company you wish to buy. In order to buy a company as soon as possible and reduce your stay in Estonia to one day, we will need to have all the necessary information and prepare the documents in advance.

Before you come to Estonia to buy the company, please send following information:

  • intended date of your visit
  • owners / beneficiaries of the company
  • director name of the company

After receiving the necessary information, we will make an appointment with a notary and will prepare all necessary documents.