Ready-made/shelf companies in Estonia

Ready-made/shelf companies are inactive organisations that have passed the state registration and have all the necessary details for the implementation of their activities. Company in Estonia OÜ offers ready-made/shelf companies. Purchasing of a ready-made/shelf company should be a balanced decision in order to protect you from unreasonable risks, therefore, all listed ready-made companies have submitted annual reports and a transparent history.

Why choose Estonia for your business?

Purchase of a ready-made/shelf Estonian company can be an excellent solution to optimise your business in the European Single Market. Company in Estonia OÜ highlights the following advantages of Estonian jurisdiction when purchasing a ready-made/shelf company:

  • Favorable taxation: income tax – 0%
  • Integration into EU jurisdiction and the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Online business management using an e-Resident card
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Simplified Commercial Code and accounting rules
  • Lack of exchange controls

Ready-made/shelf companies for sale

Company name Registration date Certificate of incorporation Turnover Price
German Crypto Exchange OÜ 02.11.2018 show No turnover for the past 3 years 1,500 EUR
International impex OÜ 10.07.2019 show No turnover 1,500 EUR
Human Software OÜ 16.01.2018 show Turnover for the past 3 years (more than 45,000 EUR) 2,000 EUR
Quadro Design Aknad OÜ 03.09.2015 show Turnover for the past 3 years (more than 55,000 EUR) 2,500 EUR
Company in Estonia Finance OÜ 22.11.2017 show Turnover for the past 3 years (more than 247,000 EUR) 4,000 EUR
Successful International Business OÜ 07.06.2012 show Turnover for the past 3 years (more than 2,000,000 EUR) 5,000 EUR

Ready made company transfer to new owner by POA/proxy will cost additionally – 500 EUR

Price includes:

  • Legal address for 1 year
  • Contact person services for 1 year
  • Notary fee
  • State fee


  • It is possible to change company name.
  • Companies do not have any debts.
  • All companies have filed annual reports for the previous year.

To buy a ready-made company in Estonia, you have to send the information about the company you wish to buy. In order to buy a company as soon as possible and reduce your stay in Estonia to one day, we will need to have all the necessary information and prepare the documents in advance.

Before coming to Estonia to buy the company, please send the following information:

  • Intended date of your visit
  • Owners/Beneficiaries of the company
  • Name of the company Director

After receiving the necessary information, we will make an appointment with a notary and will prepare all necessary documents.

Advantages of a ready-made/shelf company in Estonia


A company with a history will add credibility to your business. The number of years that the company has been on the market can provide advantages in the business projects you carry out. Some government agencies and financial institutions insist that a firm be registered for a certain period of time before tenders are allowed. If the company’s turnover is an important criterion, then we are happy to offer turnkey solutions.


In addition, it is easier for the owners of a re-registered ready-made/shelf company to attract investments since companies with a history and turnover seem to be a more reliable investment. Also, the ability to build business relationships with banking institutions and suppliers usually comes first when buying a company of this type. The established reputation of an enterprise is certainly important when concluding deals, searching for new partners, and can also influence the decisions of potential investors or partners.


A ready-made/shelf company with a history in the business register will contribute to a more professional image and therefore appear worthy of the trust of service providers. According to research, clients prefer companies that can demonstrate longevity because they appear to be credible and instill confidence that the owners of the company have experience in the relevant field. A ready-made company will give the impression that it has existed for a long time, and, therefore, will give the client confidence that they can use your services.


When buying an existing company, the owner gets an instant business tool. The turnkey company is already registered and is now available for purchase by the new owner. A ready-made/shelf company already has a registration number and, therefore, on its behalf, you can start a business immediately.


Before purchasing a ready-made/shelf company, the potential buyer will be provided with all relevant documents confirming the history of the company and that the current company has no debts or financial obligations.

IMPORTANT! The ready-made/shelf companies listed do not have bank accounts or VAT number. All corporate accounts have been closed by their previous owners.

Company in Estonia OÜ asks to consider that the purchase of a ready-made/shelf company does not simplify the paperwork, the process of obtaining a loan or opening an account with an Estonian bank. The time spent on re-registering a ready-made business will not differ from the time of setting up a company from scratch.