Legal Audit

LKS Consult OÜ provides the clients with a legal audit service —an independent expert assessment of the company’s activities in order to comply with the current Estonian legislation.

Paying specific attention to the legal aspects of business in each particular area enables the company to understand the legality and legitimacy of the activity and prepare for verification by the State control authorities (the service is especially relevant for companies that require an accounting audit).

In addition, legal auditing can prevent the following corporate problems:

  • Non-performance of duties by partners and counterparties
  • Financial claims by employees
  • Claims by the regulator and other oversight bodies
  • Administrative liability of the enterprise
  • Prosecution of company officials

A legal audit allows you to protect your business in time — to detect, minimise or completely neutralise potential risks that financial, reputational, competitive and other losses may entail.

In addition to the legal audit at the customer’s request, the company’s activity’s most problematic or significant directions can be investigated. For example, a property audit — the legality of ownership of movable and immovable property, land; an audit of contracts with counterparties — an assessment of the risks of non-performance or subsequent filing of claims; audit of company transactions — analysis of agreements, financial settlements, conditions of transfer of objects of a transaction; legal audit of conflicts; corporate audit; audit of business activities.

Based on the inspection results, the lawyers of our company provide objective expert opinion and develop a whole range of measures aimed at eliminating the detected violations and commercial risks and will provide advice on all related issues arising in the legal audit process.

The cost of the legal audit is estimated at 150 EUR. The exact price of services is determined by the lawyer after analysis of your request and is indicated in the commercial offer. The deadline for completing the work on rendering legal audit services is from 7 working days. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, the duration of the work may be extended.

Legal Audit from 150 EUR/hour


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