Cryptocurrency company taxation

CRYPTOCURRENCY TURNOVER TAX Cryptocurrency transactions are not subject to turnover tax. On October 22, 2015, the European Court determined (case C-264/14) that Article 135 (1), par. 1, Turnover Tax, of the Directive should be interpreted in such a way that the exchange of a virtual currency for a conventional currency and vice versa and (fiat)…
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Advantages of establishing a company in Estonia

Many entrepreneurs sooner or later have a question – in which country of the European Union to establish a company that would simplify doing business with European and international partners, reduce the level of bureaucracy that hinders business development, be able to engage in company activities from anywhere in the world and legally reduce taxation.…
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Taxation for an Estonian company in 2020

Taxation of Estonian companies is the most profitable in the European Union. The main advantage is 0% on the company’s retained earnings and the possibility of not having employees who need to be paid a salary every month – a member of the company’s management Board can work for dividends. The absence of a tax…
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