Business for Sale in Estonia

Business for sale in EstoniaStarting a business is a responsible action; it also demands a professional approach. We believe the process of company formation not to be critical. However, it’s all about finding the right direction. Every successful business begins with accurate decisions and thrives in a beneficial business environment. And in this way, Estonia is one of the most favourable places for starting a company, offering nearly unlimited commercial opportunities for doing business.

There should be no doubt about the advantage of having business in Estonia — advanced fintech and a business-friendly economy provide many opportunities.

Advantages of having a company in Estonia:

  • 0% company income tax (tax on retained earnings).
  • Founders and Board members may be non-residents of Estonia (there is no need to have a local Director).
  • Possibility of fully remote management of the company if the owner has an e-Resident card.
  • In doing business in Estonia, a Board member has the right to apply for a residence permit for up to 5 years.
  • Possibility to purchase transport and real estate in the ownership of an Estonian company without taxes.
  • Estonia has entered into the Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation with 59 countries.
  • Estonia has a transparent and straightforward tax system without progressive taxes

There are several ways of establishing a company in Estonia — with an e-Resident card, by visit, by power of the attorney. Each way differs from another and involves slightly different legal procedures. You can familiarise yourself with each option hereLKS Consult OÜ will help you set up a startup in Estonia and manage your business wherever you are using any way of business formation.

Purchasing an existing business, however, is a slightly different process. Obtaining such companies is a fast way to become a part of the Estonian business market.

An existing business is a pre-owned business that is put up for sale by its owners or state agents. Such companies have and come with commercial areas or/and rental agreements and all their possessions.

When buying an existing company, the owner gets an instant business tool. The turnkey company is already registered and is now available for purchase by the new owner. A ready-made/shelf company already has a registration number and, therefore, on its behalf, you can start a business immediately.

Before purchasing a ready-made/shelf company, the potential buyer will be provided with all relevant documents confirming the company’s history and that the current company has no debts or financial obligations.

Main advantages of business takeover:

  • Quick process
  • Low set-up cost
  • No hassle
  • Reputation
  • Trustworthiness
  • Good for foreigners (not so well familiar with local legislation)
  • Ability to adjust

Once all the initiation procedures are undergone and have your registered company, there are still many aspects to work on. Having a business means its constant development. Apart from ‘artistic’ parts such as gaining and maintaining reputation, PR, establishing connections, branding and looking for talents — business involves endless legal aspects.

LKS Consult OÜ offers business takeover service — professionals of our company will assist you in finding the right business and accompanying the whole administration process. We note that professional legal help enables us to carry out the process entirely online. In order to obtain a business, you need to register a company in Estonia, and we are happy to help. Moreover, opening a business in Estonia enables a business person to obtain a residence permit.

Once purchased and all formalities are undergone, the business is subject to change of a new owner’s choice — that is what makes this way of investing stand out among other methods. You can get a business you want in the shortest possible time online and feel like a rightful owner.