Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to register a company in Estonia?

  • The cost of setting up a company depends on the type of incorporation.

How long does it take to register a company?

  • The company will be registered during 5 business days after signing the company registration application.

What activities can an Estonian company carry on?

  • An Estonian company is allowed to carry on any authorised activity. A company can perform several different types of activities at the same time.

Can a foreigner be the owner and director of an Estonian company?

How many owners and directors should an Estonian company have?

  • At least one owner from among Board members.

What is the minimum share capital of an Estonian company?

  • The minimum share capital is 2,500 EUR, which can be contributed within 10 years. In Estonia, a company can be established without making a share capital contribution.

Is it possible to get a VAT number for an Estonian company?

  • Yes, a VAT number can be obtained before the company starts to operate.

How to open a bank account for an Estonian company?

  • After the company is established, all Service customers get assistance and detailed information, free of charge, on how to open an account.

Should an Estonian company have employees?

  • An Estonian company may have no employees.

What are annual costs for maintaining a company in Estonia?

  • As prescribed by law, an Estonian company owned by a foreigner shall have a contact person (200 EUR/year) and a legal address in Estonia (200 EUR/year).

What taxes are charged when doing business on behalf of an Estonian company?

  • In Estonia, there is no income or turnover tax, and therefore there is no pre-distribution tax. Salaries of non-residents of Estonia living outside the country are subject to a 20% income tax. Dividends are taxed at 25%.

Can I apply for the Estonian Schengen Visa?

  • Upon setting up a company in Estonia, you have every reason to apply for a visa to visit Estonia. We will help prepare an invitation for all company-related persons.
  • A visa application shall be submitted personally at an Estonian representation office ( or at an office of a Schengen country representing Estonia (