The e-Residency card allows you to register a company in Estonia remotely (without visiting Estonia). To set up a company in Estonia, you need to have the e-Resident card and a legal address in Estonia. To establish a company with the e-Resident card, please fill out the form:


Please write company name, that you would like to give for your Estonian company.

Please write business description, that will be done by your Estonian company.

Please write all managers/directors names.

Please write all owners/shareholders names.

Please write your personal phone number.

Please write your personal email.

Please chose required services for company formation:

You will receive full help and assistance with company formation online.
If a Member of the Board is not residents of the Republic of Estonia, then is required to appoint a contact person.
A company registered in Estonia must have a registered address in Republic of Estonia.
We will pay a state fee instead of you ( from Estonian internet bank ) in that case company will be registered much more faster.

* Required