The e-Residency card allows you to register a company in Estonia remotely (without visiting Estonia). To set up a company in Estonia, you need to have the e-Resident card, legal address and contact person in Estonia. To establish a company with the e-Resident card, please submit an application below:


Please write company name, that you would like to give for your Estonian company.

Please write business description, that will be done by your Estonian company.

Please write all managers/directors names.

Please write all owners/shareholders names.

Please write your personal phone number.

Please write your personal email.

Please chose required services for company formation:

You will receive full help and assistance with company formation online.
If a Member of the Board is not residents of the Republic of Estonia, then is required to appoint a contact person.
A company registered in Estonia must have a registered address in Republic of Estonia.
We will pay a state fee instead of you ( from Estonian internet bank ) in that case company will be registered much more faster.

* Required

E-residency in Estonia

Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe. Nowadays, Estonia is a homeland to 1.3 million people, that makes it one of the less-populated countries of the European Union, Eurozone, NATO, the OECD, as well as the Schengen area.

However, Estonia is a world leader in the field of digital control and founder of Digital 5 (D5). In December 2014, Estonia became the first country in the world to introduce the concept of e-residency.

The main purpose of e-residency program is to make life and business much easier for freelancers, business owners, and international partners, as well as any other non-residents, who are related to Estonia. If you want to start а business, to expand your business, to make investments or to study in the European Union – E-residency in Estonia makes it possible.

Up to now, more than 60,000 people from 160 + countries have become e-residents and joined the digital community in Estonia, the main advantage of which is the ability to create and manage a company entirely online.

How to describe e-Residency:

  • Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency to people living and working around the world. E-residents are provided with a government -issued digital identity that enables them to digitally sign documents, access Estonia’s e-services, and operate within Estonia`s transparent business environment from anywhere in the world.
  • E-Residency is a secure and convenient way to run a location-independent business.
  • E-residents can establish, manage and grow a trusted EU company at a low cost and minimal hassle entirely online from anywhere in the world.
  • More information about e-Residency is available at

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani
e-resident of Estonia

Angela Merkel
e-resident of Estonia

Franciscus PP
e-resident of Estonia

Bill Gates
e-resident of Estonia

As an E-resident in Estonia, you can:

As an E-resident you will become part of a global digital community:

  1. Network with electronic resident in 165+ countries
  2. Communication with the service providers in a growing market
  3. The opportunity to discover new ways to grow your business


  • How can I apply for E-residency?
  • Can I travel / live in the EU having the E-resident card?
    unfortunatelly no. Your status as an electronic resident does not give you permission to travel to Estonia or within the EU without a visa (if you are not a citizen of the European Union). Your E-resident card cannot be used as a visa for travelling, as it does not contain a photo for physical identification. Moreover E- residency does not replace and does not provide permission to stay and work in Estonia or within the EU.
  • Will I be able to open a bank account with the E-resident card?
    you can apply for opening an account at a bank in Estonia, if you have a partner in Estonia / employees who reside in Estonia / You carry out financial activities in Estonia. For more information click here.
  • When and how can I get my E-resident card? Can someone pick up my card for me?
    as a rule, the entire process from application to picking E-resident card up takes from 4 to 6 weeks and only the applicant can get the card after it was made. To collect the card, You can select the country where there is the Embassy or Consulate of Estonia. You will have to to pick up your card within 6 months. You should collect Your E-resident card yourself as for authentication and verification of Your identity Your fingerprints will be required. It`s impossible for the other person to pick up an e-residency kit from Estonian embassy or consulate.
  • I can not take my E-resident сard within 6 months.
    in this case your card will be returned to Estonia and destroyed. If you want to get E-resident card again, you will need to apply again.

If you are not able to get the card in your country, you can get your card in a different country from the list below:

Country  City
Australia Canberra
Austria Vein
Belarus Minsk
Belgium Brussels
Canada Ottawa
China Beijing
Czech Republic Prague
Denmark Copenhagen
Egypt Cairo
Estonia Tallinn, Narva, Tartu, Pärnu
Finland Helsinki
France Paris
Georgia Tbilisi
Germany Berlin
Greece Athens
Hungary Budapest
India New Delhi
Ireland Dublin
Israel Tel Aviv
Italy Rome
Japan Tokyo
Kazakhstan Noor Sultan
Latvia Riga
Lithuania Vilnius
Netherlands Hague
Norway Oslo
Poland Warsaw
Portugal Lisbon
Romania Bucharest
Russian Federation Moscow, Pskov, St. Petersburg
Singapore Singapore
South Korea Seoul
Spain Madrid
Sweden Stockholm
Turkey Ankara
United Kingdom London
Ukraine Kiev
United States of America Washington, San Francisco, New York

HOW TO Use Your e-Residency Digital ID Card

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