Legal Opinion

Documents such as Legal Opinions provide detailed legal advice about a particular issue or aspect of a customer’s activities. During the execution of the transaction or launch of the project, the Legal Opinion is prepared solely for the customer’s benefit to minimize the risk of violations of law. In order to determine whether planned legally significant actions are appropriate and legal in the jurisdiction in which they will take place, you can get a Legal Opinion from a Lawyer/Attorney on a non-standard issue.


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  • A transfer of intellectual property rights is an intellectual property transaction
  • Transactions involving mergers and acquisitions on an international scale
  • In foreign jurisdictions, when dealing with venture capital
  • When it comes to crowdfunding
  • To assess the legal risks associated with financial transactions
  • Whenever securities are transacted across borders
  • If an investment transaction is concluded
  • Investment transactions abroad require Due Diligence
  • The launch of an initial coin offering or security token offering
  • A cryptocurrency exchange is one of the first things to consider when launching a cryptocurrency project
  • During the course of Forex Brokerage or Forex Dealership

Purchasing a Legal Opinion will guarantee you receive a detailed analysis and an objective opinion from a qualified Lawyer/Attorney, which you can rely on down the road.


Customers expect complete legal clarity from a Legal Opinion, and rely on the accuracy and reliability of the analysis and risks included in it. In a correctly drafted Legal Opinion, the words are clear, the circumstances are certain, and the conclusions are unambiguously interpreted and referenced to the legislation of the country where the project is being executed.

In addition, the Parties should not expect that ordering a Legal Opinion will simultaneously result in them receiving the algorithm for implementing the Project or for conducting the transaction on their own if they are expecting the Legal Opinion to serve as a substitute for legal support.


  1. Background Information

    This section of the Legal Opinion usually contains information about the transaction/project or documents the customer provided in order for the Legal Opinion to be prepared. Depending on the jurisdiction chosen by the Customer, this Section provides information about the applicable Law for the legal relationship.

  2. Inquiries made and documents reviewed

    The analysis of the submitted documents is described in this Section, along with the collection of the information necessary for the preparation of the Legal Opinion. The company’s governing body may keep minutes of meetings or transaction documents. When describing documents, it is indicated whether their originals, projects, or copies of these documents have been examined. A Lawyer/Attorney preparing the Legal Opinion additionally contacts the Register of Companies, Tax and Customs Department, and other Regulatory Authorities as necessary, and records each request’s results. The Customer’s documents are analysed in this section of the Legal Opinion; the result of their analysis is summarized.

  3. Opinion

    In the third section, the Customer of the Legal Opinion is provided with answers to questions relevant to his or her case. Legal conclusions/legal analyses of the transaction are included in this section. Based on how many reservations accompany the expressed opinion, the degree of categorization will vary. A transaction’s nature may influence reservations. Lawyers/Attorneys list risks and make recommendations in this part as well.


You must understand the purposes for which you are requesting the Legal Opinion before ordering one:

  • For a better understanding of the legal implications of the contract
  • Your arguments must be legally supported
  • For a better understanding of the legal risks involved
  • As a way of demonstrating your commitment to comply with the requirements of the Regulator
  • For the partner or client to believe your offer is legal, you need to convince them
  • Future-proof your business with a tool

You can clarify your legal rights with a Legal Opinion, allowing you to avoid future litigation costs. If several jurisdictions are involved simultaneously in a transaction, a Legal Opinion is essential, as well as foreign Lawyers and Attorneys if several jurisdictions are involved.

An opinion on legal matters from 600 EUR

In Estonia, our team of legal experts is eager to help with the preparation of a Legal Opinion and accompany your project through the necessary legal procedures.

Taking care of the needs of your business is important to us, so we approach each client individually. At all stages of the development of a company, we provide entrepreneurs with continuous support according to the latest developments in Estonian legislation.



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