How to Start Your Company with e-Residency in 4 Steps

e-Residency allows foreigners to set up a company in Estonia remotely by providing online access to government services.

1. Get an e-Resident card

e-residency cardYou can enjoy the benefits of e-Residency once you have obtained your Estonian digital ID − e-Residence card.

All you need to do at that stage is to submit your application. The process takes place online and is indeed straightforward.

Applications form is available on the e-Residency official website:

You need to prepare some documents beforehand:

  • copy of your verified ID
  • passport-style photo
  • motivation statement
  • Visa or Mastercard

While submitting the application, you will be asked to pay a state fee and choose a pick-up location for your e-Resident card kit. The state fee is 100-120 EUR depending on the pick-up location.

Once submitted, check your email for confirmation and wait for your application’s approval, which usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks.

After receiving positive news, first of all, we congratulate you and kindly remind you to take your ID and pick up the kit strictly by yourself.

2. Take care of legal address and a contact person based in Estonia

It is an absolute requirement to have both in order to set up your company with an e-Resident card.

It is well-known that Estonia is a good place for business as it welcomes every entrepreneur. Estonian legislation proves this fact. Whilst it may sound not very pleasant by its complexity, company registration in Estonia doesn’t take piles of documents. Just make sure to have a legal address and a contact person in Estonia − and bear in mind, we are here to help with both virtual office and a contact person.

3. Choose the name, decide on Management Board, set up accountancy and figure out the taxation − give it a good start, fill up this form:

We promise to do our best so your business will have a great start.

4. Grow your business and enjoy multiple advantages of e-Residency!

e-Residency provides your company with freedom. Manage the process entirely online by submitting, signing and securing all the documents remotely. Make your company global without a hard effort but by taking the proper advantage.

The favourable tax system, unlimited fintech opportunities and business market full of talents and enthusiasm − go for it and join the community of successful people. We will help you at this very first and the most significant stage.


LKS Consult OÜ offers full support on all stages of developing your business, starting from company formation in Estonia.