Information About Owners and Beneficiaries of Estonian Companies

Information about owners and beneficiaries of Estonian companies will be available for freeFrom 1 October 2022, data of the e-Business Register, Estonian commercial register, will be available for free.

Previously, in order to view the data held in the e-Business Register, it was necessary to pay a fee when one requested data about companies, non-profit organizations, foundations, state and municipal institutions.

According to the Minister of Justice, free provision of data will help to make the business sector more transparent and innovative. “For the development of the information society, free access to high-quality data is necessary, first of all, to those that are at the disposal of the state. The availability of information helps to ensure the transparency of the economy and creates the prerequisites for the development of intellectual services based on data”, Minister of Justice Lea Danilson-Järg explained. “A transparent business environment means that the consumer knows whose services and products they are consuming, and entrepreneurs can explore the history of the cooperation partner when establishing business ties. The transparency of the economy is in the interest of society as a whole.”

Each Estonian company will also be able to verify the accuracy of its data entered in the e-Business Register and, if necessary, correct it. In particular, users are advised to check that their personal contact details — telephone number, email address or home address — that they don’t wish to disclose publicly are not entered as company contacts.

The e-Business Register will charge a fee for requesting data about non-profit organizations, as they may contain special types of personal information that are subject to reuse restrictions.

The staff of the LKS Consult OÜ will be happy to enter corrections in the data of your company in the e- Business Register, as well as help with the establishment of your company in Estonia as soon as possible.