Ready-made Company with a Crypto-Licence in Estonia

Ready-made Company with a Crypto-Licence in EstoniaReady-made companies are inactive corporate organisations that have passed the state registration and have all the necessary details for the implementation of their activities. Purchasing of a ready-made/shelf company should be a balanced decision in order to protect you from unreasonable risks.

LKS Consult OÜ  offers ready-made companies for sale. It is important to mention that all listed Estonian shelf companies have submitted annual reports and have a transparent history.

Purchase of an Estonian shelf company can be an excellent solution to optimise your business in the European Single Market. LKS Consult OÜ  highlights the following advantages of Estonian jurisdiction when purchasing a ready-made/shelf company:

  • Favorable taxation: income tax – 0%
  • Integration into EU jurisdiction and the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Online business management using an e-Resident card
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Simplified Commercial Code and accounting rules
  • Lack of exchange controls

The process

  1. Choosing a company from the list on our website
  2. Choosing a suitable way of transferring the company
  3. By visit
  4. By power of attorney
  5. With an e-Residency card
  6. Providing us with all the necessary information for document preparation
  7. Once documents are ready, the transfer of the company will be set by the notary
  8. The company will be transferred within 5 business days

More information

  • It is possible to change a company name.
  • Companies do not have any debts.
  • All companies have filed annual reports for the previous year.

In order to buy a company as soon as possible and reduce your stay in Estonia to one day, we will need to have all the necessary information and prepare the documents in advance.

Before coming to Estonia to buy a company, please send the following information:

  • Intended date of your visit
  • Owners/Beneficiaries of a Company
  • Name of a Company Director

After receiving the necessary information, we will make an appointment with a notary and will prepare all necessary documents.

Risks of obtaining a ready-made company with a crypto-licence

Under certain circumstances, the licence is issued for a specific project with a particular owner/director/KYC/AML officer. The identities, risk assessments and KYC/AML documents are carefully checked while obtaining the licence.

In that way, if a company with a crypto-licence changes an owner/director/KYC/AML officer, a regulator will study the project again. There is a risk that the permit will be revoked since it was issued for a different company with a specific activity.

The exact amount of time is usually spent on checking and verifying documents of new owners as it is spent on obtaining a new crypto-licence, which is about two months.

Cryptocurrency licence

The IT jurisdiction of Estonia is considered as the mildest of its kind with facilitated conditions for obtaining a cryptocurrency exchange licence for start-ups in the blockchain technology industry. In other words, a so-called crypto-licence is an official permission to conduct a regulated cryptocurrency business. Several new cryptocurrency and trading platforms are created every week, and a significant part of them had been licensed in Estonia, since the local order presupposes a quicker process of obtaining a crypto-licence than, for example, in the jurisdictions of other countries.

A team of experts from LKS Consult OÜ will accompany your project through all the necessary procedures in the preparation of documents and obtaining the legal permission from the authorities to launch your crypto-business. We also provide full support when registering Estonian companies.