It Becomes Easier for Estonian Entrepreneurs to File Import Declarations

file import declarations in EstoniaOn 1 July, Estonian Tax and Customs Department launches an innovative Impulss system to fill and process import declarations.

The need for a new system arises from the rules that come into force on 1 July, according to which all assumptions from third countries should be declared.

“It is important for the department that our info systems support an increase in the volume of declared parcels. Considering the trends of foreign trade and the expectations of entrepreneurs regarding the fast movement and customs clearance of goods, we have developed Impulss”, informed the head of the Customs Development Department, Ursula Riyma.

The new information system works in three languages. “Impulss will allow companies to file large-scale customs declarations and reuse data previously submitted to customs information systems. An important change is also that it will be possible to file a customs declaration in Impulss before the arrival of the goods,” explained Riema. Impulss is primarily intended for enterprises and customs agencies importing goods from outside the European Union. Individuals will be able to use the system in the event of the declaration of parcels worth more than 1,000 euros, goods with a preferential rate of turnover tax or requiring a special permit.

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