Business Register (RIK) in Estonia

Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe that has built a digital society over a couple of decades. So far, the country with a population of less than 2 million is leading in the IT sector and is referred to as a 99% digitalized European country. Hence, unlimited tech opportunities have contributed to the fact that Estonia has drawn more and more attention as a prominent European entrepreneurial hub over the years.


Estonian Business Register Centre for Registers and Information Systems

RIK Estoniaor RIK (Estonian) is a government portal ruled by the Ministry of Justice. The main objective of RIK is to provide innovative services for public administration and law enforcement.

RIK develops and manages various registers and information systems. These include the Business Register, the e-notary, the Land Registry and information systems from other areas (court information system, e-files, etc.). About 50 registers are under the control of RIK. The Estonian Business Register has been in operation since 1 September 1995. The Estonian Business Register Internet portal is considered unique in Europe due to establishing a company quickly and conveniently. It is possible, for example, to register a limited liability company in a few hours using an ID card and even without leaving the house. In addition, the company portal allows not only searching companies but also modifying registration data and submitting annual reports electronically.

Estonian business register primary services

Estonian e-Business Register

It contains legal and statistical data about all Estonian companies, non-profit associations, foundations, state and local governmental agencies and self-employed persons. The data of registry cards, the information about tax arrears and the simple data is available at no charge.


  • Reviewing of a company’s B-card data, general data and tax arrears data
  • Making queries
  • Real-time monitoring of data and records
  • Confirming and verifying Estonian businesspeople’ business identities
  • Viewing annual reports, statutes, personal and commercial pledge data, etc.

New service available now.

Contractual customers can visualize all data of the e-Business Register. The visualization shows the relations between legal persons as an image.

Company Registration Portal

The portal allows entrepreneurs to contact the registry offices of ships and helps the central Business Register carry out its functions. Using this portal, entrepreneurs can apply for membership, a list of board members with information about them and relevant changes, contact information, relevant changes and annual reports.

Every citizen can log into the Company Registration Portal and use the portal. Estonian residents can connect to the portal using an ID card, a mobile ID or an Internet bank. People in Portugal, Finland and Belgium can connect to the portal using an ID card, and Lithuanians can connect to the portal using a mobile ID.


  • Registering a new company
  • Changing the data of a company
  • Notifying about the field of activities of a company


European Business Register

It is an online service linking 24 national business registers of Europe. The information system provides services in English, thus being accessible to the majority of interested persons. The service offers the possibility of searching companies, information about companies and their profiles.

Moreover, some countries provide additional information on companies, such as annual reports, company charters, balance sheets, income and expenditure reports, extracts from the Trade Register and annual income information. In order to benefit from this service, it is necessary to conclude a contract with the service provider in the country concerned.

Other services

E-Land register



Criminal records database


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