Estonia Ranks 14th in the Development of e-Commerce Across the EU

According to the Department of Statistics, the share of e-commerce in the turnover of Estonian enterprises is still modest, and the country ranks 14th in the European Union in terms of the percentage of sales over the Internet.

Gathered data reflects the situation as of 2019 and does not consider the impact of the Coronavirus crisis when people have become much more active in buying goods via the Internet. Likely, the crisis has significantly increased the importance of e-commerce, but this has been equally true in all countries.

Last year, one in five firms in Estonia offered the opportunity to buy their products through a website or other electronic channels. Internet sales accounted for 5 per cent of total business income, of which 2 per cent was generated from sales to individuals and the remaining 3 per cent from sales to other firms and public sector institutions.

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