Investment in the Future, or Why and How to Trade on Amazon

LKS Consult introduces the bright sides of Amazon stocks.

Why and How to Trade on AmazonWhile mass media is riddled with updates on Amazon physical store opening around the world, we find it relevant to go through the key advantages of online trading on Amazon. Over the years, e-commerce has swiftly taken over the modern business market. And there are several reasons for that.

Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, referred to as the world’s most influential economic and cultural force is the world’s largest online marketplace. The brand versatile logo hasn’t changed since 2000, whilst the big brand itself has indeed transformed the world’s economy, thereby contributing to the development of online trading.

So, let’s consider under which circumstances it is worth to start selling on Amazon whether building your online store.

The problem of the choice

Plenty of e-Residence holders at the beginning of the online trading journey wondering if they should have an in-house platform, or it is more reasonable to offer goods on Amazon.

The development of your own trading platform is relevant as long as the brand is already known on the market. When it comes to launching a brand-new company and fresh product, it is worth the money and time to join the existing marketplace. And later, in the case of company success, an entrepreneur begins to invest in building oneself an online platform.

This decision is explained by the need to test market demand, and if relevant, it also provides an opportunity to consider possible variants to stimulate the demand.

Why to choose Amazon

Without a doubt, in the next stage, every enterprising business person would have questions regarding which platform to choose. Speaking of Amazon advantages, we highlight the sustainability of big brands. Time-tested Amazon has firmly established itself on the market becoming a standard among online trading platform; therefore, joining Amazon enables a businessman to shape the market in a way. And that’s something incredible inherent in nowadays online trading.

On top of that, selling goods on Amazon simplifies the process of reaching potential clients. If a company decides to represent its product on such a popular platform as Amazon is, buyers won’t have to look for a specific company using search engines. Instead, while looking for a product, they are most likely to come across the same product on the most popular online store.

Amazon engages more than 180 million users in a month and offers a huge range of more than 500 million goods. This represents another big advantage of trading online on Amazon — a multi-million client base. Amazon users from all over the world are looking for products in a variety of fields. Also, the loyalty and trust of Amazon clients, resulting in higher conversion rates, increase trafficking while maintaining low cost. Cost- and time-effectiveness in this case, comparing to another way of starting own online store, is evident.

e-Estonia: why to go online

Turning to the friendly nature of online trading conditions, we should consider the vast opportunities Estonia offers to entrepreneurs.

As the European enterprising hub and concurrently the world’s most advanced digital society, Estonia is a perfect place for starting an online-based business. Innovative programmes such as e-Residence, as well as open access to funding including EU finances, attract more and more entrepreneurs.

Smart people and smart money — well-describing characteristics of Estonian business environment. Estonian relatively small market is full of talents and ambitions. Starting a company in an enthusiastic environment contributes to its successful development.

More about the advantages of having business in Estonia here.

Putting together, where to open an online business rather than in the world’s most digital country? The answer is clear.

LKS Consult OÜ is happy to help by offering a wide range of services for those who intend to trade on Amazon in Estonia.