A Startup Featuring the Estonian Ex-president Ilves Intends to Raise Millions of €

viveoEstonian startup Viveo Health plans this year to attract 7 million euro investment and in four years to offer digital health service to 1 billion people, writes Postimees.

On Monday, the company announced that it was recruiting 50,000 local doctors in India to serve Indian patients, focusing on clients with Covid-19 symptoms. “Currently, the company actively cooperates with several large investment funds but is ready to attract Estonian capital as well”, stated Viveo Health.

According to Company Advisor Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Vivo Health’s Indian ambitions show that Estonia’s success is still in creative thinking and intelligent solutions. “Viveo is an excellent thinker and performer, as evidenced by our rapid and energetic development in India”, – added Ilves. Currently, investors from Estonia include Ain Hanschmidt, Anders Anderson, Oleg Osinovsky, Indrek Kasela and Ivar Vendelin.

The target is a billion clients.

The idea of Viveo Health is to free the doctor’s consultations from restrictions on the location, saving time for both the patient and the doctor. Tele-consultations are conducted by doctors who can prescribe treatment to a person as soon as a health problem arises, regardless of their location.

India has a population of almost 1.4 billion. India’s public and private spending on health as a percentage of GDP is estimated at 3.9 per cent, well below the world average (9.9 per cent). In India, one of Viveo Heath’s partners is Dr Sandesh Mayekar, who has modernized dentistry in India and brought it to a new structural level across the country.

Viveo Health aims to attract seven million euros of investment in 2021. Founded in 2017 by Raul Kello, Viveo Health plans to provide digital health care to 1 billion people in 2025. Today the company operates in three Baltic countries, Armenia, India, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico.

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