Documents Required When Applying for a Cryptocurrency License in Estonia

In order to apply for a cryptocurrency license (Virtual Currency Service Provider Activity License) in Estonia in 2021, the following data/documents will be required:

1. General Information

  • Comment made by the Applicant – a short description of your cryptocurrency project. Main services / services provided
  • Phone number of the Applicant
  • Email address of the Applicant
  • Share capital – the paid-in share capital of a cryptocurrency company must be at least 12,000 EUR.
  • Credit Institution Certificate – a certificate confirming the contribution of the share capital.

2. Persons Involved

Information about all individuals and legal entities related to the company: identification code, name, surname, role in the company, share in the company, residence address, CV/resume, date of birth, citizenship, phone number, email.

3. Company Account

IBAN – International Bank Account Number.
Name of the financial institution where the account is opened – the applicant company must have an account opened with a payment system registered in Estonia (Payment and e-Money Institutions).
A certificate confirming the existence of an account.

4. Subsidiaries

You must indicate if the license is for the subsidiary.

5. Locations where Services are Provided and the Persons Responsible for Providing Service

It is necessary to provide the exact address of the company office, phone number, email, a brief description of the project, website address. In addition, a signed Commercial Lease Contract must be attached to the application.

Also at this stage it is necessary to add the data of the Person Responsible for Providing Service, that is name, surname, personal code, phone number, email.

6. Contact Person

At this stage, you need to add the Contact Person’s data: name, surname, personal code, phone number, email, place of birth, citizenship, residence address. It will also be necessary to add a CV/resume with previous work experience and, if desired, a diploma from a specialised educational institution.

7. Person Responsible for International Financial Sanction

At this stage, it is necessary to add the data of the Person Responsible for International Financial Sanction: name, surname, personal code, phone number, email, place of birth, citizenship, address of residence.

8. Documents Added to the Application

  • Rules of procedure and internal audit rules prepared pursuant to § 14 of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act
  • Rules of procedure prepared pursuant to § 23 of the International Sanctions Act and procedure for control of compliance therewith
  • Certificates certifying the absence of criminal records
  • Personal data and responsibilities of the member of the management body and the procurator
  • Copies of identity documents
  • Handwritten confirmation of absence of penalty
  • Description of the Service
  • Additional documents

9. State Fee

After providing all the information, you must pay a state fee of 3,300 EUR to the Ministry of Finance of Estonia.

Recipient: Rahandusministeerium

Bank accounts:

Swedbank a/a EE932200221023778606

SEB Pank a/a EE891010220034796011

Luminor a/a EE701700017001577198

10. Petition

‘Submit’ turns active once all required fields in all stages have been correctly filled out (no red marks). If something is unclear, please call +372 6687080 or write to

The license is issued for a timeless period.

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