E-Notary in Estonia

The e-Notary systeme-Notary is an environment that helps notaries in their everyday work and allows electronic communication between notaries and the state. The setting is established with notaries in mind, and it will enable them to do everything they need in their work; the system also allows making queries to 16 different registries. E-residents can use their Digi-IDs to perform an array of business services for their companies online from anywhere in the world. However, up until now, there were still some activities, which required e-residents to travel to Estonia and utilise the services of a notary registered there.

The e-Notary system could be used both by residents and e-Residency holders.

The e-Notary makes it possible to conveniently:

  • Keep a daily schedule of notarising activities and a personal calendar for users
  • Make reliable queries to state registries
  • Prepare agreements and digitally sign them
  • Register official activities (official acts and services)
  • Record deposits
  • Issue apostilles
  • Prepare invoices and state fee payment orders
  • Forward records to state registries


  • To be the means which allows making necessary actions in the notary’s office
  • To create a registry of notarised acts in a unified, high-security environment
  • To minimise duplicated entry of data, paperwork and printing for both notaries and registrars
  • To contribute to the development and enhancement of other systems
  • To make it simple for clients to deal with notaries – unlike before, the client doesn’t have to present a large number of paper documents to the notary anymore
  • Via the e-Notary system, the notaries themselves can also review the necessary data

How to use:

  • Log into the e-notary self-service portal at www.notar.ee using an ID card or an e-Residency digital-ID.
  • In the self-service portal, navigate to the verification page and choose a notary from the list of registered Estonian notaries, and select your desired time for an appointment.
  • Next, it is required to log in with Digi-ID and confirm that you are ready for the digital verification. It also notifies the notary in Estonia to initiate the verification process using the Veriff biometric facial recognition system.
  • Follow the instructions of Veriff.
  • Once you have been successfully identified, the notary will initiate a remote transaction by video link.
  • The notary will introduce the agreement and share it for review with all the parties.
  • Once approved, the notary will make it available for signing in the self-service portal.
  • Once all parties have digitally signed the contract, the notary closes the remote transaction and adds the notarial document to the portal.
  • You can access the transaction and any related invoice at any time afterwards.


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