Tallinn Joined the European Space Agency Project

The Tallinn City Assembly, at a meeting on 6 May, agreed to participate in the project “Support for the activities of the European Space Agency Business Incubator for the period 2022-2025″, confirming funding for these activities for the next four years up to EUR 50,000 annually.

According to the Chairman of the Innovation Commission of the Tallinn City Assembly, Andrés Colliste, the project may seem at first sight incomprehensible, as Estonia is not very well connected in the public consciousness with space research. ” Here I would like to recall that we have student satellites, and Tartu University has a professorship in space and defense technology,” noted Colliste.

“There are several significant aspects to this draft. First, space exploration and the application of space technology do not mean just space flight. In the study and use of near space, most of the work is done on the ground. The same is true of this project. Second, it is important that the Tallinn Center for Strategic Management will have an excellent experience of collaboration on innovation promotion with science parks and institutions in Tartu and Tallinn, universities and KredEx Foundation. But most importantly, such projects stimulate investment in high technologies and inspire young people with interest and inspiration to study natural and technological sciences,” added Collist.

The objective of the project is to receive, within the next four-year treaty period, eight startups dealing with space data and technology at the European Space Agency’s Estonian Business Incubator in Tallinn. The project will be managed by the Tallinn Center for Strategic Management, and the Tallinn Center for Strategies, while the City’s Deputy Mayor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the City Chancellor are authorized to negotiate and sign the project contracts and other necessary documents on behalf of the city.

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