A Short Guide: Company Registration by Visit

Here’s a short guide introducing how company establishment by visit look like with Service .
  1. Before visiting Estonia in person, please send the following information:

Planned date of visit

Desired company name

Type of activity of the company

Data of the Owners/Beneficiaries of the company (passport photo, email, telephone, residence address, marital status)

Data of the Directors of the company (passport photo, email, phone number, residence address, marital status)

  1. Appointment of the date and time of the visit to the notary. After receiving the necessary information, we will book an appointment with a notary and draw up a petition to establish a company.
  2. Preparation of the necessary documentation in order to establish a company in Estonia, it will be necessary to visit Estonia for one day, as well as a legal address and a contact person. Our company takes care of this for you.
  3. Client’s visit at our office on the appointed day of your arrival, we will meet at the office of LKS Consult OÜ .
  4. Joint visit to a notary to sign a prepared petition
    Company formation by visit of the founder/s is the fastest way to establish a company in Estonia.