Company Registration by Visit

Company formation by personal visit of the founder/s is the fastest way to establish a company in Estonia. In order to register a company in the shortest possible time and limit your stay in Estonia to one day, we will need to get all the necessary information about the company to be established and the founders in advance. The total cost of setting up a company by visit is 1,000 EUR.

Before visiting Estonia in person, please send the following information:

  • Planned date of visit
  • Desired company name
  • Type of activity of the company
  • Data of the Owners/Beneficiaries of the company (passport photo, email, telephone, residence address, marital status)
  • Data of the Directors of the company (passport photo, email, phone number, residence address, marital status)

Stages of establishing a company by visit

  1. Obtaining information from the client
  2. Appointment of the date and time of the visit to the notary
  3. Preparation of the necessary documentation
  4. Client’s visit to the office of Company in Estonia OÜ at the appointed date and time
  5. Joint visit to a notary to sign a prepared petition

Before booking an appointment with a notary, Company in Estonia OÜ will prepare the documents for establishing a company in Estonia. Therefore, it is so essential to send us in advance information about the desired company, its beneficiaries, and describe the alleged activity at least 5 days before your planned visit to Estonia.

In order to establish a company in Estonia, it will be necessary to visit Estonia for one day, as well as a legal address and a contact person.

After receiving the necessary information, we will book an appointment with a notary and draw up a petition to establish a company. On the appointed day of your arrival, we will meet at the office of Company in Estonia OÜ at Sepise 1, Tallinn, 11415, Estonia.

Assistance in setting up a company is 400 EUR. The state fee for the establishment of a company and notary services will be 200 EUR. The cost of a legal address for one year is 200 EUR, and the cost for the services of a contact person is 200 EUR.

The cost of setting up a company:

Help in company formation 400 EUR
Contact person for 1 year 200 EUR
Virtual office/legal address for 1 year 200 EUR
State fee and notary services 200 EUR
Total cost of setting up a company by visit 1,000 EUR