For company formation in Estonia by visit, you have to send the information about the company you want to establish, its beneficiaries and describe its prospected activities beforehand. In order to set up a company as soon as possible and reduce your stay in Estonia to one day, we will need to have all the necessary information and prepare the documents in advance.

To set up a company in Estonia, you have to come to Estonia for 1 day and provide a legal address and a contact person. The state fee for setting up a company and notary services are about 200 EUR.

Before you come to Estonia, please send the following information to us:

  • intended date of your visit
  • company name you would like to have
  • activities of the company
  • owners/beneficiaries of the company
  • director name of the company

After receiving the necessary information, we will make an appointment with a notary and file a petition for setting up the company.

Prices for our services:
help in company formation 400 EUR
contact person for 1 year 200 EUR
virtual office / legal address for 1 year 200 EUR