Winding up an Estonian company

Estonian company termination is a legal process resulting in the complete termination of the financial and economic activities of a company. Our company will help you go through the winding-up process as soon as possible in full compliance with legal requirements.

It is hardly possible to wind up a company without competent legal assistance. Therefore, Company in Estonia OÜ will be glad to advise you on any issues that may arise, recommend the best option for closing down/selling or winding up your company, and draw up and submit all necessary documents to get you free of an unwanted company as soon as possible.

A summary accounting report is required in order to wind up your company. If you already have the annual report, you can provide us with this document. Otherwise, Company in Estonia OÜ can help you draw up necessary reports. The cost of drawing up an annual report will start from 100 EUR.

To start winding up your company, fill out a feedback form and specify your company details.

Winding up an Estonian company from 250 EUR