Sworn Translation / Apostilisation of Documents of an Estonian Company

The notarised translation of documents (legalisation) of a company includes a number of specific formal procedures for making a document valid in another country. The fundamental rule of legalisation is that it shall only be performed by a sworn translator in an issuing or executing country.

The legalization of documents issued in one country is aimed at making them valid and appropriate for state bodies of another country.

We offer sworn translation / apostilisation of the following documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Articles of association
  • List of shareholders/beneficiaries

Apostille is an international standard form for specifying data about the validity of a document to be presented in countries that accept this form of legalisation. Most European countries do not need an Apostille and only require sworn translations of corporate documents.

This package of documents will allow you to apply for opening an account with a foreign bank for your Estonian company or carry out transactions on behalf of the Estonian company in other countries.

Registry card, incl. shareholders, directors, UBOs (apostilled) 100 EUR
Package of documents of the company with sworn translations in English 450 EUR
Package of apostilled documents of the company with sworn translations in English 550 EUR
  • Sending documents by regular mail
20 EUR
  • Sending documents by courier in the EU
50 EUR
  • Sending documents by courier to other countries
100 EUR

Before sending documents by mail, we will email you the scanned documents of the company.



  • What is Apostille?
    Apostille is an international certificate, comparable to notarisation in domestic law, suitable for presentation on the territory of countries that recognise this form of legalisation. Apostille stamp is placed on originals and copies of documents.
  • Why do you need an Apostille?
    If the agreement is applied between two countries, the Apostille is sufficient to confirm the validity of the document. This eliminates the need for double certification by the sending country and then by the receiving country.
  • Which countries do not require Apostille when certifying documents by a notary?
    Public documents issued in:
    • Belgium
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • France
    • Denmark
    • Russia
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Ukraine
    • Poland
    are accepted in Estonia without an apostille and must be notarized/certified only. Documents, issued by countries that are not listed above and who are members of the Hague convention 5 October 1961 (CONVENTION ABOLISHING THE REQUIREMENT OF LEGALISATION FOR FOREIGN PUBLIC DOCUMENTS), must be apostilled to use them in Estonia. Other countries must go through the process of legalisation.
  • Is the delivery of documents included in the price?
    No, the cost of delivery will be paid additionally and will depend on the chosen method of document delivery.
    • Sending documents by mail is 20 EUR
    • Sending documents by courier will cost an additional 50 EUR