To open a company in Estonia by a power of attorney, you have to pay for services provided by Company in Estonia OÜ in advance. The total cost is 1190 EUR. Upon payment, it will be necessary to send a photo of the founder’s passport and information about the company to be established (desired name, type of activity, means of communication, and information about the founder). When the necessary data is received, we will send you templates of Powers of Attorney to be executed by a local notary public; original Powers of Attorney shall be send to us by mail.

The cost of setting up a company:

  • assistance in setting up a company – 790 EUR
  • contact person sevices for 1 year – 200 EUR
  • virtual office for 1 year – 200 EUR

The state fee for setting up a company, notarial services, translation of Powers of Attorney into Estonian are included in the price.

It takes about one month to set up a company by proxy.