DIGITAL solutions in ESTONIA

Success of Estonia as an e-state is due to the fact that this country has a well-developed infrastructure that allows creating a secure e-system. Important features of this system are the flexibility and the ability to integrate various innovative solutions. Electronic solutions make it possible to faster and easier interact with the State and the electronic environment of Estonia. Here below, the main advantages of an e-state are described.

Business and Finances

  • e-Tax
  • e-Banking
  • e-Business Register
  • Industry 4.0

Scalable blockchain technology called KSI

  • KSI Blockchain
  • e-Law
  • e-Court
  • e-Police

Digital signatures have been used more often then in all European Union

  • ID card
  • Mobile-ID
  • e-Residency
  • Smart-ID

Estonia uses blockchain technology to ensure healthcare data security

  • e-Health Records
  • e-Prescription

In Estonia 99% of public services are available to citizens as e-services

  • i-Voting
  • State e-Services Portal
  • e-Cabinet