Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Our company offers assistance in creating cryptocurrency exchanges with customised designs, functionality, and languages, connectable to various exchanges and KYC providers. We will help you save your time and money. Please find below the information and options for creating a crypto-exchange:

Basic cryptocurrency exchange software version

The cryptocurrency exchange will be integrated with the exchange and with the KYC provider Cryptocurrencies are placed by exchange service users directly to a corporate account of the exchange service provider on the exchange

The exchange provides the functionality for generating a new address for placing a cryptocurrency for each new user of the exchange service. By a deposit placed to the specified address, the provider identifies the customer’s deposit in the system.

For a customer, it looks like a cryptocurrency deposit to the provider, since, after signing up, customers get access to their personal accounts, in the relevant section of which they see the address for depositing the corresponding cryptocurrency for exchange transactions.

Advantages of using the Kraken exchange
in the basic version of a crypto-exchange:

  • Prompt availability of funds for exchange transactions (if the provider has working capital on the exchange, funds are readily available; otherwise, funds are available after 6 blockchain confirmations).
  • No extra fees for blockchain transactions.
  • The exchange is responsible for storing cryptocurrencies (as specified in the Terms of Use).

Advantages of the KYC provider in the basic version of a crypto-exchange:

The KYC procedure is performed by the third-party KYC service provider and is directly integrated into the user interface in one’s personal account. The user goes through the KYC procedure directly in the profile in his/her personal account via the provider’s resource. The KYC service provider also offers blockchain analytics tools for verifying cryptocurrencies received from provider’s customers using Bitfury Crystal.

Basic cryptocurrency exchange software version includes:

  • Customised interface and design
  • Connection to a blockchain watcher
  • Payment system integration for processing bank card payments
  • 2FA integration
  • Administration part
  • Wallet interface in a user account for EUR, BTC, ETH
Rental of the basic version of a crypto-exchange (one time payment) 35,000 EUR
Monthly service fee (updates, performance monitoring and hosting on servers) 2,000 EUR

If a cryptocurrency exchange and a KYC provider are selected by the customer:

In this case, cryptocurrencies are first placed by Provider’s customers to the Provider’s wallets and then to the Provider’s corporate account on the exchange selected by the Provider. The principle is the same, namely the same HD-wallet is used to generate a unique address for placing a cryptocurrency for each new customer. However, in this case, the HD-wallet interface is provided by the system itself, rather than by the exchange.

Optional services

Adding new currencies (fiat currencies – upon customer’s request, cryptocurrencies – as part of the exchange pairs (price for each new currency)) 600 EUR
HD-wallet for BTC, ETH (price for other cryptocurrencies – by agreement (depending on a specific currency)) 5,000 EUR
Integration of a third-party KYC provider 1,500 EUR
Integration of a third-party exchange/s (price for each exchange) 2,500 EUR
Automation of transactions in case of several exchanges involved (provided the provider has working capital on exchanges) 5,000 EUR
Administration part 1,800 EUR