Making a Business Plan for Two Years

The business plan of an Estonian cryptocurrency company should include a project description,  a list of services implemented, market analysis, project implementation plan, organizational structure of your company, marketing strategy for promotion of company services and financial plan, which brings together all the basic calculations. The business plan must necessarily answer the questions: how much money will be required to launch the project and in what time frame the project will be implemented.

The development of the business plan should make the owners of the Estonian crypto-currency company objectively and critically look at their project and assess the risks associated with its implementation.

When drafting the business plan, it is necessary to describe which of the following services the company plans to offer:

  • Virtual currency exchange service
  • Virtual Currency Wallet Service
  • Virtual currency exchange service
  • Virtual Currency Translation Service
  • Issuing a Virtual Currency

Business plan structure

The recommended business plan structure may be as follows:

  • Summary
  • Company description
  • Goals and objectives
  • List of services provided
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Company’s Management Staff
  • Sources and amount of required funds for the implementation of the project
  • Risk Estimates
  • Financial plan (budget) for the next two years


The business plan should start with a summary of the essence of the project, that is, with a summary. Summary – an independent advertising document, because it contains the basic provisions of the entire business plan. The Business Plan. First of all, the summary contains the following information: the required amount of funds for the project, how the funds will be used, the expected maturity of the loan in case of borrowing, who else is going to invest the project in case of attraction of third-party investments, the amount of own funds that will be attracted for the organization of business of the company and other financial information.

Company description

This section should reflect the main activities of the company such as:

  1. History of the company:
  • date and place of establishment of the firm, its legal status to date;
  • names of the company’s founders, directors,
  • the main changes that have occurred in the structure of the firm, its management, its legal status since its foundation.
  • the main achievements of the company in the field of activity to be analyzed in the business plan.
  1. Information about the enterprise and the entrepreneur;
  • main economic and financial indicators, description of services provided, markets, partners, customers, immediate goals and development prospects
  1. The social focus and scope of the project:
  • indicates the focus of the project on solving problems;
  • possible prospects for development, entry into the foreign market, etc. Also in this section the analysis of the scope of the company is carried out.

Goals and objectives

The plan should disclose the stated goals and objectives of the company.

This analysis is also called situational analysis. The strengths and weaknesses of an idea are the characteristics of the idea that can be controlled by the entrepreneur on which it can influence. They usually refer to the present.

The following factors are considered here:

Organizational (organizational and legal form, availability of premises own or rented):

  • marketing (location, marketing complex, market, its segment;competitors; than product (service) will be different from competitive),
  • technical (productive assets: condition and resources),
  • financial (own funds);
  • human resources (team skills, as far as the idea meets the ideas, knowledge and skills of the company participants)

Opportunities and risks are characteristics that are beyond the control of the entrepreneur and may affect the outcome in the future. The following factors should be taken into account:

  • economic environment (state support, tax legislation)
  • political environment
  • social and cultural environment
  • technological environment
  • demographic environment

It is necessary to analyze the factors that caused the appearance of the idea and its attractiveness. How will they develop in the future?


  • professional development
  • chance to launch a new product
  • the use of new technologies
  • favorable tax and credit policy

Service list

This section of the business plan of the cryptocurrency company provides a definition and description of the types of services that will be offered to the market. Here you should point out some aspects of the technology needed to implement the project, highlight the strengths of the idea in comparison with competitors.

It is very important to highlight the uniqueness of electronic/digital products or services.  This can be expressed in different forms: new technology, quality of services rendered  (high service or fast implementation time), low cost or other advantages of the company, satisfying customers’ needs. It is also necessary to emphasize the possibility of improving these products (services), as investors rarely resort to cooperation with a company specializing in a single type of products, without proof that it can be improved and developed in the future.

Market analysis

Market and marketing are crucial factors in the analysis of new projects. The most advanced technologies may be useless if there is no demand for them. Market research is one of the main problems when starting a new business.

The very first information that will be required when writing this section: who will be the clients of the company (portrait of a potential customer), where is its niche in the market? In addition, it is necessary to predict the market and find answers to the question of who, why and how much will be ready to buy electronic/digital products tomorrow or order services, the day after tomorrow and in general during the next 2 years.

The first step is to estimate the potential capacity of the market, i.e. the total value of the goods that buyers of a given market segment can purchase in a unit of time, say, a month or a year. This value depends on many factors – social, national, cultural, climatic, political most important – on the economical, incl. on the level of income of potential buyers, the structure of their expenditures, Inflation rate, availability of previously purchased goods of similar or similar purpose, etc.

The second stage is to estimate the potential sales amount of the company, i.e. the market share that the company can borrow and correspondingly the maximum amount of realization on which it can count.

As a result of such analysis (marketing research), it is possible to determine the approximate number of clients for a month, on which the Estonian cryptocurrency company can count.


In order for potential customers to become real, an enterprise needs to have a marketing plan. This plan should show why customers will buy your electronic/digital products or order services. If the sales estimate does not give all the details as it will be achieved, it will inevitably cause mistrust on the part of potential investors. Here it is necessary to think through and explain to potential partners or investors the main elements of their marketing plan:  pricing, distribution scheme, advertising, methods of stimulating sales,  organization of after-sales support, formation of image.

Pricing is one of the most important questions to be answered by the business plan developer. How to set the right price for a digital product or service.

Several basic principles of pricing can be given:

  • The price of the goods must be higher than its cost
  • The price is determined by the opportunities and size of the market
  • The price should ensure the maximum profit of the company (not per unit of production, but for the period of time described).

Pricing is not just about finding out the cost of a product, but then just adding profit. To attract a customer, it is not necessary to make a product or service cheap. Cheapness of goods is often the main motive for buying, but not always. If the product/service is too cheap, it can have a very negative impact on the sales volume.

Costs of a crypto project. As you know, the costs of running a cryptocurrency project are divided into two conditional categories: constant and variable.

Then the break-even point – the volume of sales where the total volume of sales equals the total costs – is usually calculated. Over and above that sales:

Sales income – Costs = Profit.

Sales promotion

Before planning a marketing campaign, it is necessary to define clearly what funds will be allocated for this purpose. Good promotion and stimulation

Marketing is not a cost, but an investment, with dividends in the form of increased production. Four factors should be given particular attention in marketing planning:

  • how to find potential customers;
  • to interest and stimulate them;
  • to meet their needs;
  • to sell.

To choose the right method of stimulating sales you will have to test several hypotheses.

Company management

Investments are made in specific people, not in the business plan. Therefore, this section is one of the most important. It should explain how the steering group is organized and describe the main role of each member. It is unlikely that a small firm at an early stage of its development will be able to assemble a fairly balanced team. It is therefore reasonable to draw attention to both the strengths and weaknesses of the steering group.

In this section, it is desirable to provide data on all project participants, their capabilities and experience in the industry.

Sources and amount of required funds for the implementation of the project

In this section, the entrepreneur should give his views on:

  • the amount of funds required;
  • where it is intended to get this money, in what form and by what date;
  • the terms of repayment in case of borrowing.

In this section, it should be discussed how much of the necessary funds can and should be obtained in the form of credit, and which is better to attract in the form of equity capital (own funds for individual entrepreneurs). Calculate loan repayment period.

Risk assessment

The purpose of the section is to identify and demonstrate ways to prevent the risks that an enterprise may face as a result of the project.

Sensitivity analysis is a good way to analyze possible risks.  This means reworking financial projections to see, for example, the effects of a change in a factor affecting the viability of a project.

Financial plan (budget) for the next two years

The business plan should include a detailed financial plan. It should contain the following components:

  • sales forecast
  • profit and loss estimates
  • flow analysis

The sales forecast should give an idea of the market share that the company intends to occupy. For the initial period (the first year of the project) it is necessary to have a preliminary agreement with partners or clients. Starting from the second year, the sales forecast is based on assumptions. It is important that they are realistic and not embellished.

The profit and loss forecast (profit and loss statement) is a document with a fairly simple structure. It includes the following indicators:

  • sales revenue
  • company costs
  • total profit
  • production costs
  • net profit

The purpose of this document is to show how the enterprise will change and generate profit.

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