Risk assessment, KYC/AML and procedural
rules preparation

Required KYC/AML documents and procedural rules for the crypto-license application by the regulator (Rahapesuandme Büroo). It is necessary to prepare and present full legal documents according to Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act. Created documents are done by a lawyer in accordance with a single crypto license application.

Risk Assessment and Procedural Rules

The risk assessment and procedural rules are necessary documents for applying for a single crypto-license in Estonia. The following documents should be included in the risk assessment procedures:

  • Risk identification
  • Classification of risks
  • Nationality
  • Control procedure in transactions
  • Origin of funds
  • Compliance monitoring and internal audit
  • Measures of diligence
  • Obligations of notification

KYC/AML Documents

Assistance in preparation of KYC/AML procedures necessary for the license application in accordance with RAB (Rahapesuandme Büroo) requirements. The following documents must be included in KYC/AML procedures:

  1. Identification of clients – requirements for the provision of documents, source of wealth, proof of address of residence.
  2. Means of verification of documents provided by clients.
  3. Verification of the validity of documents of natural persons.
  4. Requirements for the storage of documents provided by clients.

If required we are able to prepare KYC/AML documents for other purposes based on the detailed description of your project for an additional fee.

The cost of risk assessment, KYC/AML and procedural rules preparation

Analysis of the project and business activity
Risk assessment and procedural rules preparation
KYC/AML documents preparation
Total cost of risk assessment, KYC/AML and procedural rules preparation 7,000 EUR

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