Bank Account Opening Assistance for Crypto-Company

After company registration in Estonia you are liable to open an account in a bank or payment service provider for your crypto-related company. At the moment, opening an account with an Estonian bank is not possible due to the fact that none of the Estonian banks work with high-risk businesses (Crypto, Gambling, Gaming, CBD, Adult etc.).

We provide help to all of our clients in opening an account with European banks or payment systems that work with high-risk businesses. It is important to consider that opening and maintaining an account for a company that operates within high-risk industry is more expensive and more complicated compared to other business areas.

Our team made a comparative analysis of a large number of banks/payment service providers and found the best solutions for opening an account for companies working in high-risk.

We are ready to accompany you at all stages of opening an account for your company:
  1. Providing full information (list of banks, payment service providers that work with crypto-companies). This list includes jurisdiction, currency, onboarding and monthly fees, onboarding time, the possibility of remote opening, SEPA/SWIFT.
  2. Assistance in applying for opening an account with a selected bank/payment service providers (filling in applications and contacting customer support).

We will find the most convenient and profitable solution for your crypto-company and save your time and money.

Full support in opening a bank account for a crypto-company 3,000 EUR
List of proposed banks or payment service providers
Country Onboarding time Minimum deposit Onboarding fee
Lithuania From 7 business days From 0 From 400 EUR
United Kingdom From 1-2 business days From 0 From 500 EUR
Dubai From 3-5 business days From 1,500 EUR 500 EUR
Puerto Rico 4-5 business days From 0 750 USD
Dominica From 2 business days From 0 From 3,000 EUR
Offshore From 5 business days From 1,000 EUR none

*Please note that the final terms may vary depending on the bank specification.

LKS Consult OÜ  also can offer the services of consultancy firms. In this case, you will be referred to a third party that will work case-by-case with a more in-depth understanding of your situation. Onboarding fees, onboarding time, deposit and other terms may vary depending on the type of service chosen.