Assistance in Share Capital Contribution

When establishing an Estonian company, it is necessary to contribute its minimum share capital. The share capital of a company applying for a crypto-license under the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act must be at least 12,000 EUR.

The share capital must be deposited before applying for a single crypto-license.

The share capital of a company is the funds that are invested in the development of your business. This investment will help strengthen the position of both your company and the Estonian business ecosystem.

As soon as the share capital is transferred to the bank account of your company and registered in the Estonian Commercial Register, you have the right to start using the deposited funds for your business activities. However, it is impossible to pay dividends from the contribution to the share capital.

The Registration Department of the Tartu County Court (the body responsible for depositing the share capital of Estonian companies) has requirements for financial institutions through which the share capital of an Estonian crypto-company can be deposited. If your financial service provider does not have the required capabilities, the payment verification process can become difficult. Company in Estonia OÜ specialists can help you with this procedure. We will guide the applicant in this process and accompany from the beginning of the procedure for depositing the share capital until the entry about the paid share capital appears in the Estonian Commercial Register.

Assistance in Share Capital Contribution 1,000 EUR