Property Law in Estonia

Property law is a set of legal rules governing legal relations related to things (movable and immovable things). LKS Consult OÜ offers legal assistance in all areas related to property law. Property law deals mainly with real property issues.

We offer our clients a full range of services on property law, i.e. we help at all stages of the transaction – we analyse the acquired property and the problems that may arise with it (legal audit), we negotiate on behalf of the client, we prepare the transaction documentation, etc.

We also advise on:

Acquisition and disposal of immovable property

Joint property – right of pre-emption, termination of joint property and resolution of disputes between co-owners

If the co-owners cannot agree on issues related to the joint property themselves, they can apply to the court, which will resolve the dispute between the parties. In such a situation, options for termination of joint ownership – for example, acquisition of all immovable property or disposition of one’s own part – may also be considered. Disputes relating to joint property are often of an emotional nature, in which case it is useful to have the assistance of a lawyer who can objectively assess the conflict for communication with another co-owner.

Agreements between co-owners on the ownership, use, and termination of joint property also apply to co-owners’ successors. Our lawyer can consult on the preparation of the contract and help with notarial actions.

Easements and the real burden

The owner of immovable property whose immovable property does not have the necessary access from the public road or a separate part of immovable property has the right to demand access to foreign immovable property. The place of access, the term of use and the fee are usually determined by the easement agreement. If no agreement is reached, access fees and usage will be determined by the court. Throughout the dispute, our lawyer can advise and assist in finding the best solution.



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