Mergers and Acquisitions of Estonian Companies

LKS Consult OÜ advises on a wide range of corporate activities, from building internal corporate structures and owner-to-owner relationships to mergers and business sales, as well as transactions related to financial investments such as private and venture capital. LKS Consult OÜ provides clients with comprehensive support services for mergers and acquisitions of Estonian companies, the sale of assets, and the search for investments. Our main advantage is to solve the tasks in the shortest time according to the individual needs of the client.

Transaction support

LKS Consult OÜ assists corporate clients in the most efficient conclusion of transactions, provides financial advice at all stages of the transaction, including at the pre-investment analysis stage. Our goal is not only to conduct financial pre-investment audit, but also to provide additional services that would help our clients gain a competitive advantage in making a transaction.

Our company performs pre-investment analysis as well as M&A services. Through pre-investment analysis, a potential buyer obtains objective information about the subject matter of the transaction and evaluates its perceived risks. The results of our work will also help the buyer to negotiate with the object of the transaction and to clarify its proposed value.

We work from the analysis and the start of the transaction to the full pre-investment evaluation. We invite leading experts in the fields of finance, operations and information technology to participate in the projects, with the aim of carrying out high-quality work that helps to make the right decision to buy or merge.

We provide high-quality independent financial analysis reports to all potential buyers. Pre-investment analysis on behalf of the selling party maximizes benefits, minimizes risks and reduces the likelihood of unforeseen events occurring later in the disposal process.

Pre-investment analysis for sale

In complex and volatile markets, management inevitably seeks to redefine the company’s existing development strategy, and one option might be to consider selling some of the assets. Once a decision has been taken, the optimization of the impact may be difficult and time-consuming.

We provide a wide range of services in assisting the seller. Our specialists work closely with the team of the customer to identify and solve problems related to the process of sale and to offer a range of services that meet the needs of the client.

Whether you are going to sell the business at a projected price or buy the business and take appropriate safeguard measures in case the financial situation of the business does not meet expectations, the financial terms should be applied, in the sales contract.

LKS Consult OÜ services include the following:

  • Analysis or development of an acquisition price adjustment mechanism
  • Fixing the value of shares at the time of signing the transaction
  • An assessment of the impact of accounting clauses on cash, net assets or the performance-based payment clause in the calculation of the price of the transaction
  • Advice on fixing the level of working capital
  • Analysis of definitions of financial terms to be included in the contract
  • Analysis or development of accounting policies and procedures
  • Advice on sales contracts
  • Upon completion of the transaction, we provide clients with transfer analysis and help with the calculation of purchase price adjustments

In addition, we continue to provide post-merger advice to our clients, including pre-merger, transition service agreements, etc. assistance.

LKS Consult OÜ works with investors, analyses the liquidity of borrowers, and carries out cash flow forecasting to understand and analyze key cash flow factors: business results, working capital, cost restructuring or reserves.



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