E-residents are able to use their digi-IDs to perform an array of business services for their companies online from anywhere in the world. However, up until now there were still some activities, which required e-residents to travel to Estonia and utilise the services of a notary registered there. These included:

  • Buying and selling company shares
  • Authenticating powers of attorney/documents
  • Pledging company shares

Within the framework of a trial initiative by the Estonian Government, these business activities can be performed without the need to travel to the country.

Instead, they can prove their identity at a number of Estonian Embassies using a remote verification service that employs the Veriff biometric facial recognition system.

So far, the Embassies include Helsinki, Brussels, Stockholm, London, and Riga with other locations to be tested in the future.

The trial comes along with the launch of a new e-Notary self-service portal provided by the Estonian Government for use by both Estonians and e-residents: www.notar.ee