Advice for Startups in Estonia

If you are not sure which form of incorporation is appropriate for your company to start business in Estonia, contact us to get advice. We will take into consideration all the aspects: suitable startup options; company structure, obligations, deadlines; Estonian taxes and laws.

Advice is provided in order to give an overview of issues related to startups in Estonia.

Issues that may be addressed when getting advice:

  • Search for the best solutions for your business
  • Introduction to accounting in Estonia
  • Dividends and taxation
  • Payroll process
  • Tax agreements between Estonia and other countries
  • Cross-border VAT rules

Advice procedure:

  • Send us your questions so that we can determine the scope and cost of advice
  • Get a quote from us
  • Select the time, language and format of assistance (by phone, via Skype, at our office)
Advice for startups in Estonia from 100 EUR