Accounting services for an Estonian company

Service has been engaged in accounting and tax reporting since 2016. You can entrust our employees with the full accounting service of our Estonian company, as we are oriented to cooperation with non-residents of Estonia and have a lot of experience in this accounting industry.

Since one of the main features of our working philosophy is an individual approach to each of our customers, the cost of accounting services in each case is negotiated separately and depends on such factors as the number of processed wiring, involving the client in loading documents, number of company employees, tax accounting system, individual consultations, etc.

The minimum cost of accounting services is 90 euros per month.

For the convenience of our clients, we provide a list of accounting services provided by Service :

  • Consultations on taxation and financial issues
  • Monthly maintenance of the master ledger and balance sheet
  • Payroll calculation
  • Calculation of turnover tax, income tax and social tax
  • Compiling and submitting monthly reports to the Tax and Customs Department
  • Compiling and submitting to the Commercial Register a report for the business year
  • Compiling and submitting to the Tax and Customs Department the annual/interim balance and profit report
  • Compilation of liquidation or closing balances
  • Compiling and presenting statistical reports
  • Preparing and submitting monthly payroll reports to the Tax and Customs Department
  • Compiling and submitting to the Tax and Customs Department monthly reports on turnover tax
  • Preparation of internal accounting rules
  • Registration of the initial document (cash documents, etc.)
  • Accounting of the main property of the enterprise
  • Registration and deregistration of employees in the work register of the Tax Department of Customs
  • Recovery of running accounting
  • Compiling reports for the Department of Statistics
  • Assistance in preparing applications and petitions for the Tax Department

Our company uses e-financials and SimplBooks as well as its own automated software for filing accounting reports, developed taking into account the requirements of non-residents of Estonia leading businesses on behalf of an Estonian company.

For regular customers, i.e. those who have signed a monthly payment agreement, we offer free advice on tax optimization.

Accounting services for an Estonian company
from 90 EUR/month


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