Trademark Registration in Estonia


Registration of a trademark gives your company the legal protection that restricts the use of a trademark, identical or similar to yours, to designate similar goods. With this registration, you reserve the exclusive right to use the registered trademark. To pass the procedure of registration of a trademark means to protect the intellectual property of your company.

Trademark registration in Estonia

In order to obtain legal protection in Estonia, an application for registration of a trademark must be submitted to the Patent Department. The application can be submitted electronically via the Patent Department’s e-service or manually filled in the Trademark Registration Application Form.

Trademark registration should be applied separately for each trademark. A proper application required additional documents, and payment of the State duty should be submitted for registration.

The application for trademark registration must contain:

  • Application for registration of a trademark
  • Power of attorney, if the applicants have a general representative and not all applicants have signed the application
  • Documents certifying the priority of the convention if an application for priority of the convention
  • Documents certifying the priority of the exhibition if the priority of the exhibition is requested
  • Collective trademark charter if the application is made under a collective trademark
  • Certification mark charter if the application is made under a certification mark
  • Name, last name, address, contact information (telephone, e-mail)
  • Image of a trademark (trademark) in jpg format
  • The class/activity in which the trademark is registered

The price of registration depends on how many classes of services and goods your company protects its trademark. In the case of an application, the state duty for one class of goods or services is 145 EUR. For each additional class, 45 EUR must be paid.

After submitting the documents to the Patent Office, it executes concerning novelty and similarity of the marks. If there is no coincidence, the trademark of your company will be registered.

The trademark is then published in the bulletin “Eesti Kaubamargileht”. If no one rejects this trademark within three months from the date of publication, it will be entered into the register of trademarks. Then the Patent Office issues the Trademark Certificate (Kaubamargitunnistus). The validity of trademark registration is ten years from the date of registration of trademarks, with the right of indefinite extension.

It is also possible to apply internationally, based on the Madrid Protocol, to register a trademark in several countries and register a mark in the European Union.

The registered trademark prohibits third parties from using the trademark without your knowledge and gives the right to sue any person who uses the trademark without your permission. The trademark is the property of your company, and you can dispose of it at your discretion.

Trademark Registration in Estonia from 300 EUR

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