Protection of Intellectual Property in Estonia

Issues related to intellectual property are often underestimated by the owners of the company. However, such issues are central to the business activities of many enterprises. Sufficient and timely protection of intellectual property makes it possible to increase the value of intellectual property and the whole enterprise, and to reduce risks and costs. Company in Estonia OÜ advises its clients in all areas of intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, copyrights, domain names, patents and useful models, Industrial design, databases and unfair competition. If necessary, we cooperate with the leading patent attorneys of Estonia, ensuring the best protection of the interests and rights of our clients.

We also have good experience in the protection of intellectual property in the field of information technology (IT). In many cases, an innovative and well-functioning IT solution and a technological solution are the main asset of an enterprise, giving it both a competitive advantage in the market. It is therefore important to ensure that the solutions used are sufficiently reliable and safe, that the rights associated with the decisions are properly transferred to the entrepreneur, and that competitors’ access to the decision-related information is restricted.

In modern business — especially IT business — the exploitation of copyrights and intellectual rights brings a lot of profit, so it is very important to protect your intellectual property at the start of your project. Copyright for IT is not only contractual provisions in software development contracts, but also registration of rights belonging to your company. Having obtained a patent, or having registered a copyright, your company will have a document certifying priority, authorship, and ownership of the object of intellectual rights.

Company in Estonia OÜ conducts international registration of trademarks and patents, assists in the registration of software copyrights, and provides comprehensive support in all related matters. Our specialists will advise you on all procedures and ensure the highest possible level of protection of your intellectual property.