Contract Law in Estonia

Contract law governs relations between parties that are based on a contract.

Service advises clients on various contractual issues, helps to prepare the necessary legal documents and represents clients both in court and in the administration of the authorities and in relations with third parties.

In order to prevent and mitigate possible risks associated with the conclusion of contracts for the client, we review and analyse the content and terms of contracts concluded by the client and assist the client in the application of various remedies arising from the contract. Treaty law is very nuanced, which is why we recommend seeking advice before concluding a treaty and as soon as there is a problem with a particular treaty – one wrong step before a dispute can end in a negative consequence of the dispute.

Among other things, we provide assistance in the following areas under treaty law:

  • advice on the following types of contracts: purchase and sale contract, gift contract, lease contract, lease contract, loan agreement, insurance contract, authorization contract, brokerage contract, agency contract, factoring contract, lease agreement, franchising contract, franchising contract, service contract, transportation contract, storage contract, health insurance contract, etc.;
  • preparation and analysis of various treaties and legal instruments;
  • matters relating to the conclusion, validity, modification, and termination of contracts;
  • representation in pre-contract negotiations;
  • representation in the settlement of disputes arising from the contract;
  • matters related to the performance and violation of contracts;
  • other contractual law issues.

Our lawyers will draw up a contract that protects your interests to the maximum and clearly regulates the relationship between the parties, in Estonian, Russian or English. Long-standing practice in the field of treaty law allows us to draw up treaties of any complexity.



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