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E-Notary in Estonia

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text el_class=”padding”]The e-Notary systeme-Notary is an environment that helps notaries in their everyday work and allows electronic communication between notaries and the state. The setting is established with notaries in mind, and it will enable them to do everything they need in their work; the system also allows making queries to 16 different registries. E-residents can use their Digi-IDs to perform an array of business services for their companies online from anywhere in the world. However, up until now, there were still some activities, which required e-residents to travel to Estonia and utilise the services of a notary registered there.

The e-Notary system could be used both by residents and e-Residency holders.

The e-Notary makes it possible to conveniently:

  • Keep a daily schedule of notarising activities and a personal calendar for users
  • Make reliable queries to state registries
  • Prepare agreements and digitally sign them
  • Register official activities (official acts and services)
  • Record deposits
  • Issue apostilles
  • Prepare invoices and state fee payment orders
  • Forward records to state registries


  • To be the means which allows making necessary actions in the notary’s office
  • To create a registry of notarised acts in a unified, high-security environment
  • To minimise duplicated entry of data, paperwork and printing for both notaries and registrars
  • To contribute to the development and enhancement of other systems
  • To make it simple for clients to deal with notaries – unlike before, the client doesn’t have to present a large number of paper documents to the notary anymore
  • Via the e-Notary system, the notaries themselves can also review the necessary data

How to use:

  • Log into the e-notary self-service portal at using an ID card or an e-Residency digital-ID.
  • In the self-service portal, navigate to the verification page and choose a notary from the list of registered Estonian notaries, and select your desired time for an appointment.
  • Next, it is required to log in with Digi-ID and confirm that you are ready for the digital verification. It also notifies the notary in Estonia to initiate the verification process using the Veriff biometric facial recognition system.
  • Follow the instructions of Veriff.
  • Once you have been successfully identified, the notary will initiate a remote transaction by video link.
  • The notary will introduce the agreement and share it for review with all the parties.
  • Once approved, the notary will make it available for signing in the self-service portal.
  • Once all parties have digitally signed the contract, the notary closes the remote transaction and adds the notarial document to the portal.
  • You can access the transaction and any related invoice at any time afterwards.


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Why You Need a Legal Opinion

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Legal opinions are written documents that contain in-depth legal information about a customer’s company or a particular issue. The following information will help you understand this legal aspect.

Firstly, we stress that legal opinions are beneficial for a business owner and facilitate the reduction of chances of violating the law during the implementation of the transaction and launching of the project, as well as providing insight into upcoming stages.

Additionally, you can determine whether planned legally significant actions are appropriate and legal in the particular jurisdiction you are considering by getting an independent opinion of a Lawyer/Attorney.[/vc_column_text][ultimate_spacer height=”1″][vc_column_text css=”%7B%22default%22%3A%7B%22margin-top%22%3A%220%22%2C%22padding-top%22%3A%220%22%7D%7D” el_class=”padding”]


In short, legal opinions help company owners to learn how to support their businesses legally and familiarize themselves with the legal implications of agreements. In addition, it provides an opportunity to learn about potential legal risks.


During your company’s future business activities, you can refer to legal opinions as a reference document.

A legal opinion may be required in the following cases:

  • If you would like to know what licenses/permits are required to start a business, please click here
  • A transfer of intellectual property rights is an intellectual property transaction
  • Mergers/acquisitions involving international companies
  • A cryptocurrency exchange is one of the first things to consider when launching a cryptocurrency project

Here is more information on when an opinion from a lawyer is needed.


An overview of the situation

During the process of drafting a legal statement, you will be asked for information about your company. A knowledge of the law applicable to the legal relationship between the Customer and the Website can also be found in this section.


In this section, we discuss how we analysed the documents provided by you and the results of our study. Documents such as transaction documents, constituent documents, minutes of governing body meetings are usually included.


Section three of the Legal Opinion consists of answers to questions that may be of interest to the customer. Legal conclusions/legal analyses are contained in this section. Potential risks and recommendations are also included in this stage.

Your project can be accompanied in all legal steps by the team of experts at Service. In addition to providing accounting services for Estonian companies, we can assist with the preparation of a legal opinion in Estonia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


4 Types of Legal Support for Securing a Business in Estonia

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Suppose you are a foreigner-businessman interested in investing in the Estonian market. In that case, you should familiarise yourself with local legal frameworks beforehand and know what kind of legal support you can rely on.

Establishing a company in Estonia enables entrepreneurs to take advantage of the country’s friendly business environment and develop any business hassle-free. Still, having a business means comply with legislation — Estonian legislation is not exempt. Therefore, as a non-citizen, no one can be exempt from legal obligations required by the law.

There is nothing to be pushed aside by; moreover, the law is intended to support and maintain business by regulating its activity. However, in order to comply with the government regulations, it is crucial to know various legal aspects — rights and obligations.

This article explores legal support services for these purposes — below are 4 types of legal services to support you and your business based in Estonia.

Legal advice

First and foremost, there is a legal advice service. It means you can request help from a legal service provider and receive a consultation on the different legal matter of your choice and interest.

Whether you are having an actual issue or just want to learn more about some legal aspect to avoid future problems, you may need legal advice.

Just provide the business consulting company with the information, and you will receive feedback that can also be referred to during the future activity of your company.

Some potential topics to discuss, but not limited to:

  • Commercial, labour and contract law
  • Estonian legislation
  • Legal documentation
  • Trading online
  • Financial licenses

Legal documents

Another valuable assistance available for entrepreneurs is help with documentation. Every business, even the one based in Estonia where all the processes are simplified and take place online, implies paperwork — documents drafting.

The contents of the documents affect how your company will be managed, how its profits will be distributed, what rights the owners of the company share have, how decisions will be made in the company. The rights and obligations of clients and partners of your company are clearly defined in the documents.

Why waste your time if, with a helpful hand of a professional lawyer, the following documents could be developed within the shortest possible time:

  • Company internal rules
  • Company regulations
  • Proxy texts
  • Development of site conditions
  • Legal opinion
  • Legal analysis of documents for compliance with Estonian legislation

And many more you may need help with.

Legal opinion

Legal opinion is a written document that includes a detailed legal opinion on a particular issue or aspect of the customer’s activities. It is drawn up solely in the interests of a businessman to reduce the risk of violation of the law during the implementation of the transaction/launch of the project and to understand the upcoming stages fully.

The legal opinion allows you to get an independent view of a lawyer/attorney on a non-standard issue and determine whether the planned legally significant actions are appropriate and legal in the particular jurisdiction under consideration.

Simply put, legal opinion allows you to clearly define your legal rights and help you avoid costly litigation in the future. In that way, if you have any hesitations and feel that legal opinion is something you need — consider finding a service provider.

Legal audit

One more way to secure your business is by drawing an audit. It allows you to protect your business in time — to detect, minimise or completely neutralise potential risks that financial, reputational, competitive and other losses may entail.

In addition to the legal audit at the customer’s request, the company’s activity’s most problematic or significant directions can be investigated.

Expert opinion is something you may need to secure your business at its start and during the development.

The specialists of Service will be happy to assist you with company registration in Estonia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Legal Services for Your Business in Estonia


This blog article explains the basics of legal requirements for your Estonian company and is happy to offer our services.

When doing business in Estonia, an entrepreneur undertakes to comply with local legal standards. Complying with Estonian legislation in every aspect enables a company to exist legally and avoid further legal issues.

Estonia is the most favourable jurisdiction for starting a business. Considering the opportunities Estonia provides for entrepreneurs, establishing a company is fast, convenient and affordable. However, company formation is still a legal procedure and involves several legal and business aspects that follow a company establishment and further company management.

We are well aware that not every entrepreneur is willing to deal with legal aspects on his own for several reasons. First of all, time is a valuable asset nowadays, and in the case of business people, it is reasonable to share the legal responsibility with service providers and, in the meantime, focus on other matters regarding business development. Secondly, by requesting professional assistance from a trusted provider, you ensure your business with a smooth start and avoid further potential unpleasantness.

Moreover, receiving competent support for your business provides a company with legal reliability and thereby contributes to trustworthiness which is, in fact, crucial for every beginning business. Without a doubt, it is important to take care of a company’s reputation since its very establishment; an accurate start complying with Estonian legislation improves the chances of your company for subsequent literate management of a company.

In that way, Service considers it essential to offer qualified assistance with different legal aspects — legal opinion, legal advice, document drafting and other services that can simplify the activities of your company.

We believe that legal support for your business is the key to the effective functioning of your company. Since corporate law may vary from country to country, the company owners need to familiarise themselves with the legislation in each particular business area before starting their activities. We promise to help you experience Estonian legislation most conveniently and quickly and at the same time not losing the quality of provided information.

Specialists of Service will help you with legal aspects regarding your business in Estonia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]